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 British concept company established in 1998 and registered in England and wales, the company address located in the north of England, is a professional produce and sales various international and domestic standards of the flame retardant test equipment, equipment, including cone calorimeter, flammability tester, micro calorimeter incombustible tester, oxygen index apparatus under normal temperature, high temperature oxygen index, vertical combustion box, the density of NBS smoke box/fabric toxicity test instrument, the FAA heat release rate, flame spread radiation board tester tester, UL94 burning box, horizontal burning box floor material tester, the FAA is special combustion box, the FAA radiant panel tester, EN71-2 toys combustion tester, flame propagation tester, oxygen bomb combustion tester, glow wire tester, SBI monomer combustion tester and so on all fronts flame retardant equipment.

The company is a technology-oriented enterprise with a large number of experienced and skilled talents. They have been engaged in the design and manufacture of flame retardant testing, thermal analysis, rheology and spectroscopy since the 1980s. Most engineers who worked in a well-known manufacturers Stanton Redcroft (the earliest production enterprise manufacturing smoke density box), including two senior engineer had in other flame retardant test institutions engaged in equipment, customized, consulting and research and development work. Therefore, it can be said that the technical team of kangsep has the design and manufacturing experience of the flame retardant test equipment for nearly 50 years.
After 20 years of development, the concept, the company's products have been to many countries in the world, all kinds of industry in use, the various user recognition and praise, the independent testing institutions, research institutes, enterprises and so on. In China, the users of kangsep are widely used in all walks of life, especially in aerospace and other top test standards. Currently, all the products in the field are approved by the federal aviation administration (FAA) and are reflected in the FAA handbook. In the world's most famous fire laboratory British Wellington group, concept of smoke density test equipment such as to get a large number of use, the group of the flame retardant test report is the most credible reports of rail transit field.
The company has been trying to upgrade and update its r&d technology and production technology to provide customers with high technology, convenient and practical flame retardant testing equipment. And through the worldwide sales and service network, provide customers with the best fire-retardant test solution and after-sales service.

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